Sunday, 16 October 2016

A slightly different view of the (non) Scoobies and a bit of Oldhammer...

Evening all.
Three weeks in a row! This is getting to be a habit....
Anyway, it's just a quick one this week as I'm pushed for time (honey roast gammon waits for no man, y'know...) and those reviews I mentioned will have to wait for another time.

So, to kick off, here's another version of the Not-At-All-Scooby-Gang-Whatever-Gave-You-That-Idea-Matey from Hasslefree Miniatures.

This time they are in their 'Post-Apocalyptic' guises and so come loaded for bear and looking a little worse for wear. They are all great sculpts with the usual bags of character that we expect from Kev but my favourites out of these are definitely Wolsey and and Louise (the two to the left of Scoo-Hamlet). Is it wrong that I find Louise quite sexy?
Yeah, it probably is.*

Moving on, we have a bit of the Oldhammer (or is it Middlehammer-I'm never quite sure...) with the Chaos Space Marine riding a Chaos Juggernaut.
This was the second version of the Juggernaut and quite a hefty lump of metal. Here he's presented in Pre-Heresy World-Eaters colours. Probably not very accurate, fluff-wise, as the legion had probably gone all-red by the time he got a demon steed but, hey, maybe he liked his old colours better? Great fun to revisit some of these old miniatures and there'll be more in the not-too-distant future.

Well, that's it for me. As usual, more pictures of these models can be found on my Facebook page.
See you next week!

*It definitely is....

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Some girlies and a gang that definitely isn't The Scooby Gang, nuh-huh, nope, nosiree Bob.

I've posted two weeks in a row! See, miracles do happen...
So, to kick off we have a few less than politically correct ladies, starting with Leona Lobo and Bug Hunter from Kabuki.

Both are great little sculpts (sadly I don't know who sculpted them so if anybody can enlighten me...) but I have to take my hat off to whoever painted the examples used in their packaging. I painted these on commission to a set standard, so I wasn't pushing myself on them but I would have struggled, at my very best, to match the standard of their studio ones. Again, I'd love to know who painted them so that I could offer my congratulations.

Next up are two figures, from two manufacturers, following a theme. We have Brigitte, the Naughty French Maid from Reaper's Chronoscope range.
A brilliant sculpt by Werner Klocke with a superb, characterful face and a joy to paint.
Then there's Mia The Homicidal Domestic from Shadowforge.

While perhaps not as a refined sculpt as the previous ones shown today, this was still a lot of fun to paint and I'd cheerfully have a go at more models from this small company.

Finally today we have a group shot of five of Hasslefree's Modern Adventurers sculpted, as ever, by the indomitable Kev White.
Full of character and a joy to paint and somewhat reminiscent of a certain group of paranormal investigators...

So, that's all from me this week. Next week I'm hoping to have a couple of reviews to throw at you, as well as some more miniatures from mybacklog of photos.

Thanks for looking,

Sunday, 2 October 2016

A couple of familiar faces and something in white(ish)...

Well, it only took me a month to get the time to put some actual content up. So much for every week.
First off, here's a couple of rogues that I finished recently. They are, of course, Han Solo and Chewbacca and, this time, they are represented in 28mm from Knight Models.

 They are both great little miniatures and the likenesses (particularly on Han) are excellent. The only issue I have is that Chewie should be bigger. In this set he is pretty much the same eye level as Han whereas, even slightly bent over as he is, he should be considerably taller. Still, it's a minor niggle on what is a great pair of models. I'm not very au fait with the Knight Models range but I'm hoping to get the chance to have a go at a few more some time. There's more pictures of these two on my Facebook page.

 And now for something completely different...
I completed this GW Tau Commander in Vior'la Sept colours a while back. A terrific model with loads of options (all of which were magnetised on this particular piece) and details. This was the first Tau I'd ever painted properly (I played about with a unit of Fire Warriors a while back but never finished them) and it has really whetted my appetite. I can see me doing more in the future.
The white armour with weathering was something I had never attempted before so it was a fun painting challenge for me. The client asked me if I could provide him with a breakdown of the colours used so that he could replicate it on the rest of his army and, as I always keep notes of what I'm using for future reference, this was not problem but I thought I'd go one step further and share them with all. Unfortunately I don't have any step-by-step pictures to share but, if there's any interest shown, I may do a full tutorial on some Tau at a later date.

So, here we go:

Over a white undercoat I painted an all-over wash of a mix of Army Painter Dark Tone and Strong Tone with a dash of Lahmian Medium, approximately a 40/40/20 mix. I then worked over that with a few thin layers of White Scar, building the opacity towards the highlights.
Moving on to the red areas, I started with a base of Mephiston Red then highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wild Rider Red/Fire Dragon Bright 50/50 mix and  then Lugganath Orange edge highlights. This was then glazed with a mix of Carroburg Crimson, Bloodletter and Lahmian Medium.
The grey areas of the armour where then basecoated Dawnstone which was washed over with Nuln Oil then highlighted with Dawnstone then Administratum Grey with a final Pallid Wych Flesh highlight.
The last pieces to be done before the weathering would be added were the black areas. These were basecoated Abaddon black then highlighted with Skavenblight Dinge then Stormvermin Fur. Nuln Oil was washed all over before a final edge highlight of Dawnstone was applied.
The weathering was a mix of Tin Bitz/Ironbreaker/Eshin Grey/Rhinox hide that was applied with a mix of sponging and stippling before a highlight of Tin Bitz/Ironbreaker was applied with a brush. A final highlight on Ironbreaker was applied sparingly, before the weathering was washed with a mix of Dark Tone/Strong Tone/Lahmian Medium.
The bronze panels were basecoated with Warplock Bronze then highlighted with Skullcrusher Brass then Leadbelcher before being given a wash of Reikland Fleshshade/Agrax Earthshade then a thinned wash of Nuln Oil/Lahmian Medium. This was highlighted with Leadbelcher before being given two washes of Seraphim Sepia.
The last major area to be tackled was the metal and this was simply a basecoat of Ironbreaker, a highlight of Leadbelcher and a wash of Dark Tone/Strong Tone/Lahmian Medium.
Finally, weapon glows were added using various inks of the appropriate colours with the centre of the glows painted with White Scar.
And there yer has it. If you have any questions or want me to elaborate on anything please feel free to comment below. There's loads more pictures of this chappie here.

Hookay, that's me done for the day. More stuff soon (hopefully in less than a month...)


Sunday, 11 September 2016

WELCOME! (back...)

Hi all,
Welcome to my new(ish) revamped blog. I really haven't been keeping this page as up to date as I'd like to have so I've decided to make a fresh start (with a brand new logo and everything!)
I've decided to try and make Sunday's my blogging day so keep an eye out for new posts appearing on a weekly basis and feel free to chastise me if one fails to materialise. I am generally fairly hopeless at keeping to such schedules so the occassional poke in the ribs will hopefully keep me on track.
I have actually got a fair amount of content planned (and some bits have even been started): a couple of reviews; one or two tutorials and a huge backlog of photos of figures to post so keep your eyes peeled for stuff appearing.
That's about all I have to say for now (got to finish cooking the Sunday roast) but I hope I'll see you all soon.


If you have any comments to make, please do so. Suggestions for content are always welcome too.